Saturday, August 1, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Saturday

So we woke up about 9AM in the morning and got ready for the premier of EverCracked!! We decided Friday that we would get Cereal and Milk for breakfast as it was the cheapest option. It was very nom. At least today's milk wasn't frozen. :-)

We went to the premier and we barely got a seat to the movie, but we got in and sat down. After the premier we get ready for the EQ II live event. We listened and then I gave Helig my camera so that he could catch the event on film.

We made our flowers for the lovers. It was a lovers quest.. I was the Flower holder.

This photo is my favorite because this is the happiest that I have ever saw Matt. It just makes me smile that he was just that happy. This cart was a Godsend.

This event was over 2 hours long. We were one of the last to get our quest done. They did not think that this event was going to be so popular. But I loved it... It got very frustrating. But once we got some help from the GM we finally got it done. We didn't win, but we did get finished.

From left to right: Uurs, Me, Hudd, Hoopy, Hudd, Roewane,Elquinjena,Zandi,Jethal,Trueflight, Venoch, and Matt (Dlar).

This is a picture of the Main NPC and a Brownie as played by Phemme. The Brownie was trying to kill Hello Kitty.
Jethal was help protect our chocolate from the mean Brownie. It was lots of fun.
Hello Kitty found another basket, and this one was filled with Trail Mix. Another picture of Den Mom. I missed out on the singing to her. She blushed and almost passed out. (does not like a lot of people and being popular.)

After the event we went to the last panel which was for EQ II and beyond panel. It was very informative and got me excited to see the new content. With the fact that I had a few days after the convention I was able to play some EQ II. Then we stood in line for closing ceremonies. We stood there for almost hour and a half if not longer. But once we found each other and found a table that we claimed for our Guild.

We got food, it was not fantastic but it was okay. I usually am not too picky, but okay. We watched the costume contest and found out that the person farthest away was Austrila.

After closing ceremonies I felt sick and was not wanting to deal with people, but finally we said our good byes and said that we will see them all online. We had to be out the door by 7 am ish our flight was at 9:15 am.

Lots of fun was had and hope that next year we will have more money and I will be able to have a costume.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Friday!!

Friday is when the panels start and our first panel of the day was podcasts. SOE puts out a podcast and so does OGR. We decided to attend this panel because Jethal is part of the OGR family. But he was not there, but we did hear a good discussion about podcasts and how they work.

After the podcast panel and the breakfast of cereal and milk, we went to the second panel of the day. Legands of Norath or LON, we learned about the newest expansion pack and how it will work. I learned how to play the game. It was lots of fun.

After the panel we met a Barbarian and she will willing to take a picture with Hello Kitty. Then we saw a Storm Trooper. He helped Hello Kitty fire his gun.. it was just too cute for words.

We did have some spare time and we just wandered around the main hall and met up with some people.

This is Rowane, she loved hello kitty.

This is a random Matrix Online player. This year was the last year for the Matrix online and he was one of the last few standing people. It was a sad year for these players.

This was the real life person playing Firona Vie with the newer costume. They have come a long way since the first version.

This is the real life person playing the other Herione in EQ, Antonia Bayle. Again, the costume is just awesome. I think if I go next year I am gonna dress up as Santinea, My character in EQII.

This is Helig, he was a charcter in the live action play and again LOVES Hello Kitty. He was telling me about the fact that he watched Hello Kitty on Tv with his kids. He is soo my kind of guy.

Uurs and Matt were playing Free Realms on some laptops and I got a tweet from Jethal with a trivia question, "Who was Lord Nagafen's true love?" If we guessed correctly we would get a 90 day game card. I asked Uurs, "Isn't it Lady Vox?" He replied, "Yes" and I walked over to find Jethal and then said, "Isn't it Lady Vox?" He said yes and he handed me the 90 day card and had to stop for a photo op.

After the photo op, we saw some Dark Elves from Geremany. I had to run over to get their picture with Hello Kitty. They didn't speak very much but I was very grateful.

We also saw the actual Brasse the dwarf. She was dressed up and even was willing to take a picture with Hello Kitty. She made the garb by hand. I could not believe she did it by herself. It was just awesome.

The last picture is another is a Free Realms character, she was just awesome. So after we went to the last panel, EQ II Potpourri, we went to the Address from Smedly. Where we found out that everyone got the newest expansion for EQ II for free and also got other cool stuff. Then it was drinking time. SOE provided every one with liquor. However, they did not have the makings for a Malibu Mai Tai. But they did offer an Akanon Amp-tini. It was okay... but after the band and the karoke decided to blare the music to the point that gave Matt and Uurs a headache.

After everything we decided to walk around and gamble again, but then well again off to bed, as we had a panel again at 10 am.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Thursday

This was the first day of the SOE Fanfaire 2009. We had never been to a Fanfaire ever so this was going to be an experience. We decided after Matt wasn't feeling well this day Uurs and I decided to get him a Scooter. MAN these things are just freaking awesome. We decided that morning to pick one up for him.

We also decided to get breakfast at the Sidewalk cafe. Jethal told me that if Hello Kitty kissed him that he would make her an honorary Jethal's girl.

After breakfast we decided to stand in line to wait for our badge so that we are not there for hours. The line extended from one side of the hotel out to the casino floor. Below is what we saw at the begining of registration. We were number like 8 to 9 in line. Out of like 2,000 people.

Hello kitty was comfortable in line in the basket. Matt in the scooter, Hello Kitty was having a blast in the basket with the water that Steph and her family was so awesome to give us.

Once we were inside we met new friends, and got to see a lot of vendors, not as many as Norwescon but enough to get by I suppose.

This is Trueflight and Zandi. They are guildmates and new friends. They were more than willing to pose with Hello Kitty.

One of the Gunner Girls was too excited to pose with Hello Kitty. She was just esctatic. She loved it. Hello Kitty even has the Gunner Glasses on for the look.

We met DenMother. She was a great person, and even gave us Trailmix, Cashews, and dark chocolate covered cranberries. She thought of us and the next day she gave Uurs just the dark chocolate cranberries, as he was allergic to the Cashews.

I also got pictures with the Free Realms chars. (This is a free game for kids and adults alike.) It was awesome because one of these pictures was famous. I don't remember which one, but it was posted on a website. After a few hours of playing around in the main area, we had the opening ceremonies.

After the open ceremonies Hello Kitty made an address, none heard it.. but it was fun to pretend.

I posed with Hello Kitty and Brenlo, ZOMG an EQII producer. He actually works for SOE. He also was super sweet.

Helig, loved hello kitty soo much he requested to have his own picture with her. He is a guild member and was one of the 10 that went so that we could get our guild a 50% discount.

This is Zanadi and Brasse from It was just was fun to see them love hello kitty.

We also met Lera, (not a frostfell elf) and Jethal. Jethal was trying to get Lera. This picture is just awesome.

We also met Roewane. She is also another guild mate. She also was having fun holding Hello Kitty. This was the last picture of the night. This is Uurs and the statue of Firiona Vie. This was the original costume that was worn when the original EQ was launched. It was just awesome to be in the room with it.
After everything we did a little more gambling but then went to bed as we had a very long day of panels ahead of us.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Wednesday

Last week we went to Vegas. We had a great time and did very little exploring outside of Bally's and Paris. I decided to do a project where I bring Hello Kitty with me. We got up oh blessed early and flew in on Thursday. It was a beautiful flight and we had a great view.

Hello kitty looking out the window looking at the new scenery.

Once we landed it was warm and kind of muggy... but we survived the navigating around the airport. We learned that once we were there that we had a choice that we could use the shuttle or take a cab. I have never been in a cab before and we were not sure how cheap it would be. We decided to just go for it. (Traveler's tip: When taking a cab to the strip, tell the driver to take surface streets. Not only will it be cheaper you can also see the sights around the strip.)

Once we got to Bally's we stood in line and waited for our hotel room. The people there were very friendly. They even posed for Hello Kitty.

Once we got checked in we went to our room. It was HUGE!!!! We had a lot of space to run around in. We even had a mini fridge. It was a great place to meet my good friend that I had not seen in years. That was the plan for Thursday. Meet up with my good friend Steph and her family.
I had not seen her in over 8 years or so. It has been forever. I gave her a ring and we decided to meet up at the hotel and just chill and chat.

We did alot of exploring around the Paris hotel. I think out of the entire experience I loved the sky. It was just beautiful.

We also walked by Napoleon's a resturant in Paris. It looked beautiful, and the sign on the door was just soo cool.

We said our good byes to Steph and her family, and find our first two official con people.You know when a convention starts when you see Kerran and an Iksar.

After dinner at the Le Cafe, (I do not recommend this place as they took forever and I had to ask twice for water.) We went back to our room only to find out the AC was not working properly. So we called the front desk and had to get them to come look at it. Come to find out we had to be "Upgraded" which would have been great but... well the "upgrade" seemed more to be a down grade. We didn't have a lot of room like the last room but hey we at least had a place to lay our head at the end of the night.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back to School.... Maybe

So, I have been talking about being a Baker for years now, and have been thinking about opening my own business within 5 years. But upon looking at the jobs out there they want you to have some experience before I went into the field. So let me step back a second.

I had my annual review today. I hate annual reviews, I get this sick feeling inside and doubts that I did a good job. I could always do better,well I was wrong. I had this kick review saying that I had performed above and beyond the expectations. That I was a valued employee. ME?? Seriously??? Okay I can take that.

During this review I was asked about my future plans in the company. Where did I want to go? I was like.. "Really... Nowhere." This company that I work for does not really do what I can do. They do Tech support, and I am good at being someone's personal assistant more than really being a Supervisor, or IT.

I told her that "I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grow up". Mind you she knows that I wanted to be a baker. That is pretty much all that I talk about now and days. How much I love to bake, and make things that are healthy. She said that I should look at going back to school. This is a great time to do so... because it is a bad time to look for work.

She suggested a local college in the Kirkland area that has a Baking degree. An Associates in Baking. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! Yup, about 8,000 for the entire degree. I could not believe it. So I am having the information sent and said that I would love to start in the Winter.

Maybe I will start school.. in the Winter, maybe not.. only time will tell.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Changing again

So it is summer yet again and the office had the company owners show up. My boss said we should be professional and I took that to dress the part as well. So I looked in the closet of doom and picked out a few skirts and chose one that was pretty. I hadn't put the skirt on in months. (I hate skirts) I couldn't get the skirt over my hips. I was pissed. I have gained soo much weight for a job that pays the bills. I think that the thing that sealed it for me is that i found a job that requires me to lift 25 Lbs to do something I want to do... Baking COOKIES!!!

So I decided that I can't take not fitting clothes in my anymore. So I have decided to start to change my eating habits, and exercise a little bit more. I for the last two days have been doing Yoga in the morning before work.

I do plan on getting to the bike and doing some cardio. Also I plan on doing some bench pressing once I convince Uurs to spot me. I dislike lifting free weights with out someone spotting me. Something I was instilled when I was doing weightlifting in high school.

So I have had yogurt and berries for breakfast with some additional protein. Lately it has been hot pockets. (too hot to cook) But soon enough I would be able to just get motivated. I want to lose this weight and be able to lift those 25 lbs soon.

Maybe soon enough I will be able to find something new, and fresh and maybe I will lose a little bit of the weight. Here is to hoping.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summner Heat

So it is a little warm for WA state. We have been upper 70's, low 80's. We are not used to this weather. Today being Saturday we decided to try to beat the heat by lounging around the house with fans and friends. Being on the couch with my laptop and 4 guys around me ... this is a lot of heat.
We are not at home with the AC but at a friend's house with fans and the sun at my back. Heat makes me sleep. I am tired and hot and uncomfortable.

I luckily have working the past few days in an AC room with the fan on and with today was the last Sat of the month it was the last min crunch. Today was 13 evaluations and I did it in 6 hrs instead of the 8 I had planned. I just tell myself I have 25 days left then Vegas here we come.

Speaking of Vegas I hear that once we get to Vegas and sign in to the Con it will be non-stop action and chaos. This will be my first Con and not sure how this works. Hopefully I will be able to keep up. Speaking of which I still need to pick up some shirts and shorts and some tanks and jeeze a basic new wardrobe... wonder how much it would cost for a Britta filter thingy in Vegas... or if bottled water will be the best option as both boys are allergic to chlorine. What fun to think about that.