Saturday, August 1, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Saturday

So we woke up about 9AM in the morning and got ready for the premier of EverCracked!! We decided Friday that we would get Cereal and Milk for breakfast as it was the cheapest option. It was very nom. At least today's milk wasn't frozen. :-)

We went to the premier and we barely got a seat to the movie, but we got in and sat down. After the premier we get ready for the EQ II live event. We listened and then I gave Helig my camera so that he could catch the event on film.

We made our flowers for the lovers. It was a lovers quest.. I was the Flower holder.

This photo is my favorite because this is the happiest that I have ever saw Matt. It just makes me smile that he was just that happy. This cart was a Godsend.

This event was over 2 hours long. We were one of the last to get our quest done. They did not think that this event was going to be so popular. But I loved it... It got very frustrating. But once we got some help from the GM we finally got it done. We didn't win, but we did get finished.

From left to right: Uurs, Me, Hudd, Hoopy, Hudd, Roewane,Elquinjena,Zandi,Jethal,Trueflight, Venoch, and Matt (Dlar).

This is a picture of the Main NPC and a Brownie as played by Phemme. The Brownie was trying to kill Hello Kitty.
Jethal was help protect our chocolate from the mean Brownie. It was lots of fun.
Hello Kitty found another basket, and this one was filled with Trail Mix. Another picture of Den Mom. I missed out on the singing to her. She blushed and almost passed out. (does not like a lot of people and being popular.)

After the event we went to the last panel which was for EQ II and beyond panel. It was very informative and got me excited to see the new content. With the fact that I had a few days after the convention I was able to play some EQ II. Then we stood in line for closing ceremonies. We stood there for almost hour and a half if not longer. But once we found each other and found a table that we claimed for our Guild.

We got food, it was not fantastic but it was okay. I usually am not too picky, but okay. We watched the costume contest and found out that the person farthest away was Austrila.

After closing ceremonies I felt sick and was not wanting to deal with people, but finally we said our good byes and said that we will see them all online. We had to be out the door by 7 am ish our flight was at 9:15 am.

Lots of fun was had and hope that next year we will have more money and I will be able to have a costume.

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